austin ranson

YOUnion Student Living | Creative Direction

My Role: Creative Direction, Art Direction

CW: Patrick Buchanan, Eddie Babaian
GD: Avo Adourian, Matt Fouty, Nachi Eltit, Josh Harada
Editing: Phil Hamer, Josh Harada
Dev: George Butiri, Danial Nightwalker

From the moment we enter school, we’ve all had to answer the same question. “What do you want to be when you grow up?” In high school, it’s “Where are you going to college?”.  Then, “What’s your major?” The focus is always on the future- what you’ll be doing 5 or 10 years from now. Where you’ll be then… not who you are NOW. These college years are the most transformative of your life. It is here that identities are solidified, lifelong relationships built and the real “you” begins to take shape. This is the time to savor every fleeting moment, to live, play, and enjoy life fully. Your future starts now.

I had the opportunity to lead all of the creative on this campaign which started completely from scratch. We gave the brand its name, logo, voice and look and then took it all the way home with print, digital, outdoor and basically any kind of collateral imaginable.